Sunday, September 10, 2017

Defining "Constituent Services"

     Just when you thought the Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski show could not get any more bizarre, the legal spokesman for the Mayor facing over 50 Federal indictments claims that what the mayor was doing was actually basic constituent services, and part of his job as an elected official.
     You see, When folks wanted to do business with the city, it was his job to help them accomplish whatever end they were seeking. There was nothing wrong with him accepting bribes thousands of dollars in contributions to one of his various campaigns for whatever office he was thinking about running for that week. If it helped a business or Constituent get a Public Contract, or get a zoning board approval, what was wrong with that? Especially if the Mayor's campaign of the week got a few thousand large deposited in the bank account out of it? That is an accepted business practice in most  some places.
      Also, the mayor has put forth as part of his defense that he was troubled to hear that some of his campaign aides might have been making promises to donors that may not have been legal! Who would have though Mike Fleck and the near dozen other folks indicted and taking plea deals would have done something like that?!

    But really, the Mayor would just like everyone possible to believe that his indictment for corruption in office is really only a big misunderstanding of how "Constituent services" is supposed to work.

     The thing is, most reasonable, educated folks get what the mayor doesn't.  The Mayor acted like "constituent Services" are something his Constituent's and others are supposed to do FOR HIM. In Mayor Ed's mind, all potential bribers  donors are SUPPOSED to serve HIS NEEDS, not the other way around. It is all in the definition, and whose definition you ascribe too.

     It is actually very simple,  Ed Pawlowski is nothing more than another self serving, arrogant elected official who used their office for personal gain. He got caught, and now he has to face the consequences of those selfish acts. The mayor was not helping anyone out of the goodness of his heart. The FBI tapes put in evidence with the indictments clearly show he directed his staff on how to get campaign donations, and he directed city employees to award contracts based on who bribed donated to his campaigns.

      That's all there is to it.

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