Sunday, May 21, 2017

First look at November Allentown Mayor's race

     I know many folks are aghast at the result of the municipal primary Tuesday. Yes, The mayor who has not been charged defeated 6 challengers by winning only 28% of barely 6300 Democrat party votes.
     What a sad state of affairs, that out of 43,000 registered Democrats in Allentown, barely 12% of them voted in 57 precincts. The Edster received just over 1700 votes, which means less than 4% of the eligible voters supported him. Which brings us to his anointed challenger, Democrat turned Republican and Trump wannabe, Nat Hyman, who received 1446 votes of 2222 cast by Republicans, soundly defeating dogged challenger Luiz Garcia's 674 by a more than 2 to one margin. There were over one hundred write ins for other candidates, but it did not matter.

    So the race in November is Pawlowski versus Hyman. Today I write that it looks like a minimum of a 62% to 38% victory for incumbent mayor Pawlowski, with a turnout of 7800 Democrats and 3600 Republicans. That means Dem turnout around 18% and Rep turnout around 35%.  It also looks as if even if he were to be indicted, Ed Pawlowski would still get 55% of the vote.
     There are rumors of a Democrat who did not run in May running as an Independent, and it is my opinion that for every vote taken from Ed Pawlowski, an Independent would take 1.5 from Hyman.
      Hyman is a dead duck candidate, barring an indictment AND a resignation/withdrawal by Pawlowski. Pawlowski will inevitably serve a Fourth terms. Congratulations Allentown Democratic Party Leaders. You get the Dumbass award for 2017 and beyond, and you deserve it. You have enabled the mastermind of more than a decade of criminal activity in elected office to continue his reign of terror. All because you put party before doing what is right. And you point fingers at national Republicans? A pox on both your houses. Neither of you serve the citizenry, you only serve yourselves.


  1. Wish they would add a "None Of The Above" option. I wouldn't be surprised if that selection would get a higher count.

  2. It seems like these candidates were gambling on The Mayor getting indicted and the primary would be a free for all. The Mayor in fact did out maneuver His opponents to the detriment of the city


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