Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why can't local government help citizens. instead of F#CK them?

   Two doors down from me there is a 90+year old women. During the week a Mini Lanta Bus comes, backs up her driveway, and takes her over to a facility across from Lehigh Valley Hospital.
    Today, Several of my neighbors and I took the time to clear her driveway after the heavy snow.

     Despite her daughter asking the Township to please not plow their driveway in, they did it anyway, putting a four foot wide and several feet high ice wall at the end of it. How do they expect a 60+ year old woman to clear that for her 90 year old mother?

     The Township says it can't be helped, but I think they are just being A$$HOLES. Any Comments?


  1. Maybe if you simply looked at it as an opportunity for another good deed and healthy exercise it would be less painful Chris.

  2. Ok, suggest a solution. The only one I can think of is to lift the plow in front of this house and not plow that section. But then you still could not get out the driveway. So, how do we clean the road in front of a house without pushing the snow somewhere? What's the solution.

    Guessing this is Upper Mac. Though I don't always agree with them, I'm positive they aren't just being a-holes.

    And trust me. I live on Lower Mac Rd., a state road. I have the same problem except it's supersized.


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