Monday, February 20, 2017

If Allentown Mayoral Primary was today,.....

   Ed Pawlowski would win the nomination. You read that correctly. As things stand right now, the Mayor who has not yet been indicted would win nomination for a fourth term. The latest results from my own personal algorithm with 7 candidates comes out like this: (In approximate numbers)

     Pawloski  1250

     Thiel         1075

     O'Connell   950

      Bennett      725

      Jones          650

      Siegel         650

    . Basrawi      450

      Woodring   250

     This is based on voter turnout of approximately 6000 registered Democrats. Once the money starts getting spent, there could be some drastic moves in the rankings, but if only 6000 of the 45000 registered Democrats in Allentown come out on May 16th, This could be what you get.There are approximately 120,000 people in Allentown, do you really want your mayor chosen by barely one percent? If 6000 of 45000 are all that vote in the Dem primary, that is less than 5 % of the overall population.  The top contending would be mayors are already sniping and wounding one another with amazing ferocity, if their social media presences are any indication.

    Now over on the Republican side, it is Property developer Nat Hyman against Independently wealthy self employed Christopher Pez. This just keeps getting crazier. I think Pez should have people at each precinct passing out PEZ dispensers on primary day. I have to think about this and look at something that hasn't been relevant for decades, Republican turnout in Allentown. Oh Well!

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