Sunday, June 19, 2016

The derailed thought train

 Just a few random stops from my train of thought : Sam Bennett has announced her candidacy for Allentown mayor in 2017. Now that the Fleckster is in hiding, there's a big opportunity for Bennett to get the job she has coveted since 2001. No one will have enough funding to run negative attacks on her.              Meanwhile, current Allentown mayor Pawlowski had an Op Ed printed in the local hard media calling for a stricter weapons control law. It is really hard to take a future Federal inductee serious on anything. Allowing  Ed to preach on anything is like allowing a Fox to preach on the need for better henhouse security.                                                                 The race for our president will be anything but dull. Is it not ironic that Republican backed laws to insure only the right people vote may also insure that Donald Trump might actually win? Wrestling fans who can't spell the word vote are going to get to cast one. America is going to possibly get the reality show based elected idiot that the masses deserve. Maybe Hillary and Donald could have an American idol style sing off to decide the election.          Finally, a few words concerning the raging second amendment political debate: someone please explain to me why we have tighter government control of gambling, liquor, and cigarettes than we do firearms? That doesn't make any sense, but that is how things are.