Sunday, May 1, 2016

And now, the next contestant on: "Who is wearing a wire for the FBI?!"

Will the revelations ever cease?  In the past week it was revealed that the Fed's had the pa state treasurer wearing a wire in one case, and Mike's Flecks right hand man Sam I am wearing one as well.  Is there anybody in local government other than mayor Pawlowski who was not wearing a wire? Maybe at the next local Democratic party meeting, they can separate into two groups of either "wired" or "not wired", instead of county and city Groups.  How big is the FBI budget for investigating PA electeds? The way they are going, I am thinking that maybe Pawlowski's hoping they run out of money before they can indict him.
     A few other random thoughts:
     The thought of Mike Fleck making a living selling used cars in the middle of nowhere is hilarious, and the revelation from the prosecution  that he had attempted to warn the Mayor that he was wearing a wire made me laugh out loud.
Absolutely no honor long thieves, is there? They all deserve whatever they get. As for our next contestant? Anybody want to bet that the FBI sent a fake business person into the mayor's office as well?
I can't help but think that at least one City councilperson knew what was going on. Does anybody believe that all seven were oblivious to the mayor's operations? If that is true then there may still be a few surprises ahead. The FBI has issued their last call for deals. If you weren't smart enough to make one by now, oh well.