Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Most Telling "Fed ED" comment so far

      This morning I was treated to two mind blowing things. The first was at Dunkin Donuts, where a guy wearing very thin Pajama bottoms stood at the counter ordering coffee with his junk hanging out. He also had on bedroom slippers, a heavy coat and a stocking cap on his head. He really needed to have that stocking cap covering another part of his anatomy.

       The second happened while reading the local newspaper. Just when you thought the Mayor of Allentown and his enablers could not be more oblivious to the seriousness of the FBI investigation, they surpass themselves. We are more than six months since the revelations about the Pay to play game, and the attorney for said Mayor Pawlowski, Jack McMahon, offered up this gem of a quote when asked about the mayor's use of "Burner" phones, and having the Mayor's office electronically swept for illicit listening devices, aka "Bugs."

     "If I was the mayor, I'd have my office swept too," McMahon said.
"It's a long-standing mayoral tradition," he later added.

      Yes, he actually said that. It is a long-standing mayoral tradition, in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington , and New York City. Places where corruption has been known to run rampant.

       But Allentown? Thank You Ed Pawlowski, for further bringing Allentown down the road towards having the same reputation as much larger cities but with not as much money.

        "It's a long-standing mayoral tradition."

       Corruption and politics. It is a tradition all right. But it shouldn't be.